NetBeans: Fix Maven dependency issues in the graphical pom.xml view

Recently I noticed that the pom.xml view in NetBeans not only shows you conflicting dependencies but it also provide fixes within this view.

Click on the light bulb (you know it from the quickfixes/hints in the Java Editor) and a conflict resolving dialog will open. Nice to know


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New version of Additional Java Hints plugin – 1.2.0

18/05/2014 2 comments

FYI: Recently I released the new version 1.2.0 of the “Additional Java Hints” plugin. There are some new hints/small quickfixes, which may be useful (or not) for Java developers.

  • [New Hint]: Change the modifier of a class/method/field to public/package protected/protected/private (by rasa-silva)
  • [New Hint]: Remove public/abstract/final modifiers from field declarations within interfaces
  • [New Hint]: Convert from char and string and back
  • [New Hint]: Convert number in literal to number and back
  • [New Hint]: Convert to StringUtils.isBlank()/StringUtils.isNotBlank()/StringUtils.isEmpty()
  • [New Hint]: Convert from if/else to ternary and back
  • [New Hint]: Invert ternary if/else
  • [New Hint]: Report methods that have class name
  • [Updated Hint]: “Convert to assertTrue/assertFalse” now supports junit.framework.Assert too
  • [Updated Hint]: “Replace +…” hints can now be configured


The plugin is verified for NB 8.0 and NB 7.4 and already available from the plugin dialog within your NetBeans IDE. Or you can download it from

As always please file issues and enhancements at . Pull request are also appreciated.

Some impressions from the NetBeans platform training in Leipzig

IMG_20140416_122649 IMG_20140416_132247 IMG_20140416_132257 IMG_20140416_132309

Benno Geertjan Reinhard Toni




Update: There is also a report of this training at (in German)

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NetBeans: Switching project groups from toolbar

Today I saw that a new version 1.7 of the “Cool Editor Actions” plugin has been uploaded by anchialos to the plugin portal [1]. It introduces switching of project groups and toolbar configurations right from the toolbar, which is very nice.



BTW: A similar much older plugin named “Project Group Toolbar” from Aljoscha Rittner already exists, but  unfortunately it does not work in a stable way anymore – regarding to multiple comments at the plugin portal [2].


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Back to the past: NetBeans IDE splash screens since 3.5.1

28/02/2014 4 comments

Retro alarm! You can still download all the NetBeans IDE versions since 3.5.1. I installed them all in a VM, ran them and captured some images for you. BTW NetBeans 3.5.1 runs on JDK7 – or at least it started.

The previous released can be downloaded at

Splashscreen Some screenshots
2014-02-28_20h36_09 2014-02-28_20h39_11
2014-02-28_20h47_50 2014-02-28_20h47_17
2014-02-28_20h48_25 2014-02-28_20h49_34
2014-02-28_20h52_34 2014-02-28_20h56_12
2014-02-28_20h57_31 2014-02-28_20h59_34
2014-02-28_21h00_51 2014-02-28_21h01_59
2014-02-28_21h02_56 2014-02-28_21h04_51
2014-02-28_21h07_24 2014-02-28_21h08_59
2014-02-28_21h10_07 2014-02-28_21h11_29
2014-02-28_21h19_18 2014-02-28_21h19_28
 2014-02-28_21h12_48  2014-02-28_21h14_32
2014-02-28_21h18_23 2014-02-28_21h19_03
2014-02-28_21h21_40 2014-02-28_21h22_19
2014-02-28_21h28_25 2014-02-28_21h29_42
2014-02-28_21h30_14 2014-02-28_21h31_02
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Register now: free seats for the NetBeans platform training in April 2014 in Leipzig/Germany

There are 2 open seats for the NetBeans platform training in April 2014 in Leipzig/Germany. As you already know – Toni Epple and Geertjan Wielenga will the trainers . Two of the best NetBeans Platform trainers currently available in one package.

Get the details at and register. It is a commercial training, but it is free for students and university staff.

See you in Leipzig, Best regards

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NetBeans platform training in April 2014 in Leipzig/Germany


I am very proud to present you a NetBeans platform training in April 2014 in Leipzig/Germany.

Your trainers will be Geertjan Wielenga and Toni Epple.


It is a commercial training, but it is free for students.

For more details see


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