More shortcuts/quickfixes for eclipse

After a short detour to Idea Intellj, i am back to eclipse now and there is still potential to learn new features/shortcuts for improved productivity.

Here a few i was not aware of:

  • Ctrl-3: quick access – all commands, filterable
  • Ctrl-E: to list open files, there you can close the currently selected file by pressing del
  • Alt-Shift-W: Show current file in view xyz
  • F12: go to editor pane
  • Shift-Enter: Create a new line below – no longer Shift-End, Enter
  • Ctrl-Q: go to the last edit location
  • Ctrl-T: Quick type hierarchy
  • Sharing plugins in external folder – how to manage it properly.
  • Pick out part of a string via Quickfix

Mainly influenced by

Any cool missed features or quickfixes out there?