NetBeans 7.2: Hint/quicktip for resolving missing dependencies

In NetBeans 7.2 there is a cool hint within maven projects, which allows you to search for dependencies when a class dependency is unknown.

But wait. The hint can be configured too. I optionally searches in your maven repos and shows you all matching gav which may contain the requested class. Cool stuff.


NetBeans IDE module development with JRebel

This post is mostly obsolete: See for an updated version.

In my previous post i showed you how to create your own nbm-modules with the help of JRebel. Today i will show you how you can use JRebel to fasten up the development of the NetBeans IDE platform modules.

So if you want to use JRebel to “instantly reload” your compiled changes to a locally compiled bleeding-edge-development-version of NetBeans IDE you have to follow these steps:

  1. checkout the sources
  2. run “ant” to compile the sources and build a NetBeans installation
  3. open a module to be changed from the checkout sources
  4. create or open \nbbuild\
  5. add the line: tryme.args=-J-noverify -J-javaagent:d:/tools/JRebel/jrebel.jar -J-Drebel.log=true (update the path to the correct installation folder)
  6. create or generate a jrebel.xml in the sourcefolder of the module – let the JRebel-plugin do this for you
  7. run the module against the previously compiled version of NetBeans IDE (now called “target-platform“) using the context menu-entry “Run” (you will see the default JRebel headers in the output window, which means JRebel is loaded, and the Target-IDE will be opened)
  8. make your changes to the code, compile via F9
  9. go back to “target-platform“, do your actions again and the changes are reloaded instantly

FYI: The info about the correct location was taken from