New NetBeans plugin: “Sort line tools”

Only a short note today. I repackaged the good old Line Tools plugin from sandipchitale and made it compatible to NB 7.x as good as i could. Because of some exceptions at runtime i had to disable some of the known features. But nonetheless it is still useful.

What’s left? Well, some actions and a toolbar for the editor which allow you to

  • Sort lines spanned by selection in ascending/descending (in-)case-sensitive order
  • Remove duplicate lines while sorting.


The plugin can be downloaded manually at the plugin portal The plugin is also verified for NB 7.2, so it can be downloaded from the plugin dialog in your IDE.


2 thoughts on “New NetBeans plugin: “Sort line tools”

  1. Thank you. Just discovered and installed this plugin yesterday. And today you repackaged it. Now is time to find out how to unistall/reinstall it without unistalling other “User Installed Plugins” like JUnit.

  2. The new netbeans plugin in is awesome, deleting duplicate lines whilst sorting is definitely a help 🙂


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