New version of Additional Java Hints plugin – 1.1.0

Another short note for today: I recently updated the “Additional Java Hints” plugin. There are some new hints/small quickfixes, which may be useful (or not) for Java developers. 

  • [New Hint]: Support transformation to BigDecimal constants
  • [New Hint]: Split a string at caret
  • [New Hint]: Convert to assertTrue/assertFalse
  • [New Hint]: Remove “public abstract” modifiers from method declarations within interfaces


The plugin is verified for NB 7.3 and NB 7.4 and already available from the plugin dialog within your NetBeans IDE. Or you can download it from

As always please file issues and enhancements at . Pull request are also appreciated.


New version of “Java Eclipse Code Formatter” plugin available

Good news for all the NetBeans IDE java developers who have to comply to formatter rules of their Eclipse JDT coworkers. I released a new version of the Eclipse Code Formatter plugin.

The major change was the integration of the formatter engine from Eclipse Kepler 4.3. The plugin now also allows you to choose which formatter profile you want to use.


The plugin is available from the PPUC at or from your IDE (Tools|Plugin)

Supports NetBeans 7.3+ and JDK6+