Back to the past: NetBeans IDE splash screens since 3.5.1

Retro alarm! You can still download all the NetBeans IDE versions since 3.5.1. I installed them all in a VM, ran them and captured some images for you. BTW NetBeans 3.5.1 runs on JDK7 – or at least it started.

The previous released can be downloaded at

Splashscreen Some screenshots
2014-02-28_20h36_09 2014-02-28_20h39_11
2014-02-28_20h47_50 2014-02-28_20h47_17
2014-02-28_20h48_25 2014-02-28_20h49_34
2014-02-28_20h52_34 2014-02-28_20h56_12
2014-02-28_20h57_31 2014-02-28_20h59_34
2014-02-28_21h00_51 2014-02-28_21h01_59
2014-02-28_21h02_56 2014-02-28_21h04_51
2014-02-28_21h07_24 2014-02-28_21h08_59
2014-02-28_21h10_07 2014-02-28_21h11_29
2014-02-28_21h19_18 2014-02-28_21h19_28
 2014-02-28_21h12_48  2014-02-28_21h14_32
2014-02-28_21h18_23 2014-02-28_21h19_03
2014-02-28_21h21_40 2014-02-28_21h22_19
2014-02-28_21h28_25 2014-02-28_21h29_42
2014-02-28_21h30_14 2014-02-28_21h31_02

4 thoughts on “Back to the past: NetBeans IDE splash screens since 3.5.1

  1. I love NetBeans.

    Having said that, every version looks like the splash screen was designed or approved by a Computer Scientist. If you want help on UI, let me know.


    a designer who codes

  2. I thought maybe we could look at the source code repo but it only goes back to 2008 (v.6.1)

    @elimc – remember the target audience!! I kinda like them.

  3. Would be interesting to have a poll over what has been the most popular spalsh screen coloring. Its like we hit 7.1 and started going backwards again!!


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