New version of Additional Java Hints plugin – 1.2.0

FYI: Recently I released the new version 1.2.0 of the “Additional Java Hints” plugin. There are some new hints/small quickfixes, which may be useful (or not) for Java developers.

  • [New Hint]: Change the modifier of a class/method/field to public/package protected/protected/private (by rasa-silva)
  • [New Hint]: Remove public/abstract/final modifiers from field declarations within interfaces
  • [New Hint]: Convert from char and string and back
  • [New Hint]: Convert number in literal to number and back
  • [New Hint]: Convert to StringUtils.isBlank()/StringUtils.isNotBlank()/StringUtils.isEmpty()
  • [New Hint]: Convert from if/else to ternary and back
  • [New Hint]: Invert ternary if/else
  • [New Hint]: Report methods that have class name
  • [Updated Hint]: “Convert to assertTrue/assertFalse” now supports junit.framework.Assert too
  • [Updated Hint]: “Replace +…” hints can now be configured


The plugin is verified for NB 8.0 and NB 7.4 and already available from the plugin dialog within your NetBeans IDE. Or you can download it from

As always please file issues and enhancements at . Pull request are also appreciated.