Running TiddlyWiki using Docker

Thanks to it is easy to launch a TiddlyWiki as nodejs-server from a docker image. Here is my setup, which simplifies the workflow by some bash-aliases.


In ~/.bash_profile define

# /Users/MyUserName/wikipath defines the mounted wiki directory
alias starttiddly="docker run -d --name tiddlycontainer -p -v /Users/MyUserName/wikipath:/var/lib/tiddlywiki mazzolino/tiddlywiki"
alias stoptiddly="docker container stop tiddlycontainer && docker container rm tiddlycontainer"


  1. Start a bash-terminal and invoke starttiddly to start the server
  2. Open your browser at http://localhost:10000 and work with tiddlywiki (the default login is user/wiki)
  3. After usage shutdown the container by invoking stoptiddly

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