Running Latex using Docker

A simple way to compile your latex files without installing a latex-distribution is the usage of a docker-container. Thanks to it is easier than ever.

Within your directory with your article.tex invoke:

docker run --rm -i --user="$(id -u):$(id -g)" --net=none -v "$PWD":/data blang/latex xelatex article.tex

The current directory is mounted into the container and thus the latex executable within the container can access the source files (xelatex article.tex) and the results are placed in the current directory too.


Running TiddlyWiki using Docker

Thanks to it is easy to launch a TiddlyWiki as nodejs-server from a docker image. Here is my setup, which simplifies the workflow by some bash-aliases.


In ~/.bash_profile define

# /Users/MyUserName/wikipath defines the mounted wiki directory
alias starttiddly="docker run -d --name tiddlycontainer -p -v /Users/MyUserName/wikipath:/var/lib/tiddlywiki mazzolino/tiddlywiki"
alias stoptiddly="docker container stop tiddlycontainer && docker container rm tiddlycontainer"


  1. Start a bash-terminal and invoke starttiddly to start the server
  2. Open your browser at http://localhost:10000 and work with tiddlywiki (the default login is user/wiki)
  3. After usage shutdown the container by invoking stoptiddly