[Quicktip] JMeter – Own graphs/diagrams using csv-export

You want to create good looking graphs, but JMeter doesn’t provide them? You want to compare several testruns and present the results in one graph? But you do not want to code a plugin for JMeter or don’t want to parse the *.jtl file via XSLT?

Then use the easy but often overlooked  csv-export feature of JMeter:

  • Add a listener like “Aggregate Report” (includes 90% line) or “Summary Report” (includes standard deviation) to your project.
  • Record or load your testdata
  • Navigate to the listener and click on the button “Save Table Data” at the bottom and save the result as a file.

That did the trick. You got a CSV file, which you can import into your favourite spreadsheet application and create diagrams from the data.

With a little bit of tweaking the diagram options you can create diagrams like the following example, which compares two testruns. Such type of diagram is easy to understand and shows possible performance improvements in the same scale…