[Quicktip] Changing font and font-size in g-brief

You want to change the font and font-size of latex “g-brief” (usage: business letters)?
Here you go

% change size
% change font



[solved] Missing “cv.cls”

In the last days i wanted to update my old latex-based CV. But what happened? The file “cv.cls” was not found. Somehow my configuration changed – the reason may be the upgrade to Kubuntu 9.10…

Here a short list of steps to get it fixed:

  • download http://wiki.lyx.org/uploads/Examples/CV/cv.cls
  • copy/move the downloaded file to a sub directory of “/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex” (perhaps you have to alter the directory access permissions or run “sudo cp“)
  • reconfigure the latex distribution by executing “sudo texconfig rehash

Update: Steps for MikTex 2.9.x (Windows distribution for TeX)