Dockerisierte Latex-Vorlagen

Nützliche Latex-Vorlagen für einen Lebenslauf sowie ein Bewerbungsanschreiben gibt es jetzt unter

Das Schöne daran ist die Nutzung von Docker. Auf diese Weise nutzt man Latex in einem isolierten Container und verunreinigt sich sein System nicht mit einer Latex-Installation. Meinen vorheriger Artikel dazu: Running Latex using Docker


Running Latex using Docker

A simple way to compile your latex files without installing a latex-distribution is the usage of a docker-container. Thanks to it is easier than ever.

Within your directory with your article.tex invoke:

docker run --rm -i --user="$(id -u):$(id -g)" --net=none -v "$PWD":/data blang/latex xelatex article.tex

The current directory is mounted into the container and thus the latex executable within the container can access the source files (xelatex article.tex) and the results are placed in the current directory too.

Latex: Alignment of a fixed-width column in the tabular-environment

Based on the post even fixed-width columns can be aligned.

% Centered fixed-width column
% Right-aligned fixed-width column

Ein etwas langer Text, der sicherlich umbrochen wird & a\\
oder kurz & b\\

[Quicktip] Changing font and font-size in g-brief

You want to change the font and font-size of latex “g-brief” (usage: business letters)?
Here you go

% change size
% change font


[solved] Missing “cv.cls”

In the last days i wanted to update my old latex-based CV. But what happened? The file “cv.cls” was not found. Somehow my configuration changed – the reason may be the upgrade to Kubuntu 9.10…

Here a short list of steps to get it fixed:

  • download
  • copy/move the downloaded file to a sub directory of “/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex” (perhaps you have to alter the directory access permissions or run “sudo cp“)
  • reconfigure the latex distribution by executing “sudo texconfig rehash

Update: Steps for MikTex 2.9.x (Windows distribution for TeX)