Updated NetBeans plugin “Show path in title” and project groups

It was a very productive weekend, so here again another short note about a plugin update as a result. I extended my popular plugin “show path in title” to show the name of current project group too. (It was simple after some investigations i documented at [1].)

You do not know what “project groups” are? They are a mix of an eclipse workspace and a working set. This NetBeans feature IMHO is underestimated. Have a look at the following blogs for some more kudos [2], [3] and [4].

FYI: There is also a good old plugin from Aljoscha Rittner at [5] which allows you to switch the group right from the toolbar.

Now back on topic: The plugin can be downloaded manually at the plugin portal [6] (for versions from 6.9 up to 7.3). The plugin is also verified for NB 7.2, so it can be downloaded from the plugin dialog in your IDE. Feel free to give feedback and feature/bug reports.