NetBeans: Quicktip: Open project for open file

A very useful feature of NetBeans is to the project for an opened file.


Imagine the following scenario: You searched for content in java files using the file explorer (or other indexing tool) — instead of opening all projects and using the file search of NB. You open the file directly in NetBeans by copying its full absolute path and pasting it into the “File-> Open File” dialog.

Now you want to open the surrounding project for several reasons.

  • You could open the project manually OR
  • even easier invoke the action “Navigate->Select in Projects” from the menu bar (or the corresponding shortcut). Now a dialog opens (if a project can be found for the file) and asks for permission to open the project.

Very neat and useful.


New NetBeans-plugin: “Close Other Projects”/”Close All Projects”

I created another small plugin to extend the NetBeans IDE with RFE #190839 and #221151. I know this type of plugin already existed in the past, but the old one ( was unmaintained and unavailable for newer versions of NetBeans IDE.

Get it from

In a few days it will also be available the at NetBeans IDE Update Center and you can install it from within your IDE. Stay tuned.