[Quicktip] CVS-Changelog plugin for eclipse

As you know CVS is file-based and therefore it has many issues.

For example: In Eclipse (using the standard CVS-plugin) you can only see changes of the currently selected file in the history view. When you select the project, you see no history entries in the project like you are used to using SVN. I know, you can call "cvs log" to see all changes of all file, but that is not very comfortable.

A solution: Install the changelog plugin (http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/changelog/) and working with CVS is now easier… Internally it will call  "cvs log" and present the processed results in a clear table view manner. (See the screenshot at the project page and you will see what i mean.)


[Update] Monitoring tomcat instances

Here are some OSS projects to monitor your tomcat instances (f.e. memory-/cpu-usage, sessions, mbeans)

Off course you can also monitor your tomcat via VisualVM (http://visualvm.java.net/ or included in JDK6)

Update: Or use JRDS http://jrds.fr/

[Quicktip] faster usage of FreeMind

FreeMind (an open-source mindmapping tool) has some handy features, which may also improve your productivity:

  • Shortcuts: Use the shortcuts like ENTER and INSERT and navigate via the ARROW keys!
  • Creating subnodes from your clipboard: If there are several lines of text in the clipboard and you paste its content into FreeMind while a node is selected, then several subnodes will be created. That is really cool and i discovered it by accident!

FreeMind can be downloaded from http://freemind.sourceforge.net/

Acronis True Image for “free”?

If you have a Western Digital harddrive installed in your computer you can use a special version of “Acronis True Image“. This version is locked to WDC drives, but it works fine and its free.
You can download it here.

I read about other special version from other harddrive vendors (f.e. Seagate?). Keep an eye open!